Home Care, A better alternative During this Pandemic

Letter from the CEO

On a personal level of my experience, the most vulnerable and the most at-risk of this Corona Virus are our senior population, ages 65 and up. Being immuno-compromised they are more susceptible in contracting the virus.  As NBC news sited: “There are over 9000 deaths coming from nursing homes alone,  and more than 4500 senior facilities with Covid-19 positive cases.”  In spite of much effort from these nursing facilities to create a solution to control the outspread of the virus, (with lack of PPE’s and proper testing) there is no absolute guarantee that we can protect our senior population from contracting and spreading the virus.

We at In-Home Alliance have come up with our own system that we believe could help our elderly prevent themselves from contracting the virus. We will provide a personal one-on-one, customized & detailed care plan for them that would assist them with their activities of daily living in the comfort of their homes. 

WE have also added the following protocols to help protect our clients:

1).  Limit staffing to three (3) healthy care providers to be assigned per client.

2).  Temperature check of care providers will be done prior to entering and exiting the patient’s house.

3).  Each staff will be in-serviced with extensive hygiene knowledge to lessen the risk of contamination and the spread of the virus in patient’s homes.

4).  Care providers will answer the following questions prior to clock-in. The 3 important questions are:

a). Have you been in contact with a person suspected or tested positive with COVID-19?

b). Prior to arriving in patient’s home, what are your whereabouts for the day?

c). Do you feel even the slightest sign of that of a positive COVID-19 person? (Headache, cough, fever, shortness of breath)

5).  If care provider has the slightest sign and symptom of any illness, they will not report to work and a reliever will immediately be assigned in their behalf.

Our office will closely monitor procedures and protocols to ensure the safety of our beloved patients. We are all in this together to help stop the spread of the COVID-19.  And together, we will help preserve the quality of life and provide the best possible care for our elderly population. We are here to help.


John Paolo Franco